Hello My Lovelies, It’s Been A While

Hello My Lovely Sage Beauties,

September has come more quickly than I expected, and to top it off it’s almost half over! It has been some time since my last post, so let’s get the honey and sugar so we can pour this tea.

The $25,000 Question: Where has Lily been this summer?

This is my first post since the last week of June. Did I forget about you? Never, absolutely not! As a blogger everything I love and am truly passionate about goes into Sage Beauty Blog. I love sharing what I’m loving, what I’m wearing, and what makes me laugh with my readers. I thought about just putting up a new post as I normally would but I felt I wanted to be straightforward with my readers about my summer hiatus.

What happened was:

Frankly, sometimes life doesn’t just get in the way, it stays in the way. And sometimes it stays in the way longer than expected or preferred. Over the past two months I have faced personal challenges that have helped me grow as a person, and new and exciting professional opportunities for which I am very thankful.

Because so much was going on in my life, I decided it was time for a short posting hiatus. I took this time so I could focus on achieving balance, focus, and harmony so I could have true clarity on what the next steps for my blog would be. Now that my little planet is spinning in the right direction, I am happily returning to what I love doing the most, creating and connecting with all of you!!

Happy Birthday Sage Beauty Blog!

The blog turned four years old in August!! It seems like only yesterday I was sketching ideas and trying to craft my first few posts on Sage Beauty.  Every year I learn more and more wonderful lessons from this amazing community. As a blogger, your blog will grow and change just as you evolve and get better every year as a person.   Thank you for being on this wonderful journey with me.



Lily Sage

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