4 Things I Love About #Kbeauty!

Hello Lovelies,

My passion for Korean beauty products started last year when I discovered the joyful practice of using sheet masks.  As I began to explore this new category of skincare, which has a major influence on the beauty industry as a whole, my life and my skin was changed forever.   I gravitated to Kbeauty because  so much of my own skincare philosophy is in alignment with the Korean approach to beauty.

I have reviewed a few Kbeauty products on Sage Beauty and I have been getting a lot of questions on the category so I decided to share the top seven things I love about Kbeauty and how they will change your life!

One of my beauty she-roes is Charlotte Cho of SokoGlam. I have had the pleasure of meeting her and you can read all about that adventure here.  If you haven’t picked up her book yet, The Little Book of Skincare, make that happen soon.

Charlotte has taken her brand to a new level by creating The Klog.  The Klog was the blog featured on sokoglam.com where Charlotte would drop oodles of skincare knowledge. The Klog has now become a separate, vibrant entity that not only talks about products but also shares the beauty of Korean pop culture (#kpop!), Korean food (#yums!), and also includes interviews with real life people in Korea. I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party where I discovered new brands, new friends, and delicious Watermelon flavored drinks.




Charlotte Cho sharing the story of the The Klog!



Reason No. 1: Kbeauty focuses on a daily routine.

In American beauty culture there is a tendency is always look for a quick fix for our beauty concerns.  When it comes to having healthy skin, there is no such thing as instant gratification.  In Kbeauty the focus is on a daily routine that incorporates treatment products, such as serums and essence, in order to maintain a beautiful complexion. How are you showing your skin love on a daily basis?  Usually we only start worrying about our skin when we have visible concerns, such as acne or wrinkles.  In the realm of Kbeauty, taking care of your skin is part of your daily lifestyle; prevention and maintenance make all the difference.  Instead of one miracle product, it’s your overall routine that is the key to dewy youthful skin.

Reason No. 2: Kbeauty uses innovative ingredients.

Whenever I go online shopping for Kbeauty products I am always fascinated by the innovative and highly effective ingredients that are used.  For example, The Missha Cell Renew Snail Cream has 70% Snail Mucin Extract which helps with cell regeneration, and is safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin types. SNAILS!!

Reason No. 3:  Kbeauty is beneficial for all Skin Types and Skin Tones.

Korean skincare is for ALL skin types, skin colors, and all ages! Whether you are concerned with hyperpigmentation, acne, or dryness there are a myriad of beneficial options that will address your concerns and give great results. It’s also great for sensitive skin.

Reason No. 4:  Kbeauty has the irresistible packaging!

Half the fun of buying makeup or skincare products is the pretty packaging. I love the colorful packaging of sheet masks to the luxurious spa esthetic of one of my new favorite brands, Laneige.

I would love to know what Kbeauty products you absolutely love, so leave a note below or send me a Snap (@sagebeautyblog)



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