Say Goodbye to Hyperpigmentation: Dark Marks, Acne Scars, Brown Spots

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One of my personal skincare concerns is uneven skintone.  My current skincare routine is mainly products that help me get my glow together.   It is a skincare issue that I get a lot of questions about how to either treat or camouflage.  Hyperpigmentation is referred to commonly as dark marks, brown spots, age sports, or acne marks. They can affect people of any age, it can be visible on any part of the face or body, and it is a problem for skin tones that range from very fair to very deep. So that is everybody.  These unwanted visitors can be difficult to treat, but with a consistent routine they can become much less visible and your complexion will be more uniform and luminous.  Keeping reading to learn more about the causes and the conquerers of uneven skintone.


What causes hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is the visible darkening of the skin caused by the overproduction of melanin.  FYI: Melanin is a pigment produced in the skin of almost all animals on earth! It gives color to hair, skin, and eyes. 

The overproduction of melanin can be caused by too much sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations, picking at your blemishes, certain prescription medications, and skin injuries.  There are times when even if you don’t try to pick at a blemish it will still leave a scar.  When a blemish happens to pop up it can leave behind a dark spot,  this is called Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.  Whenever a client asks me for help with acne marks my first question is always “Are you picking on your blemishes?”
Trying to pick or pop a pimple will definitely lead to scarring and spread bacteria. In order to minimize any trauma to your skin, remember ‘hands off, don’t pick!’.


How to treat hyperpigmentation (Go Away Brown Spots!)

There are two key steps that have to be part of your routine to treat hyperpigmentation.

Step 1: Sweep away the skin’s surface build-up and debris using ingredients known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  AHA’s work on the appearance of skin. My tried and true favorite is Glycolic Acid.  It will help to remove the dead skin cells that are damaged and discolored which helps to brighten your complexion.  It will also help to improve the texture of your skin, and your treatments will absorb better.  My current Glycolic powerhouse (which has made a huge improvement in my skin) is the Cane & Austin Miracle Pads.


These daily facial pads are formulated with a 30% concentration of pharmaceutical grade Glycolic Acid in order to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.  It is safe for all skin types, and as an added bonus it also helps to improve texture, smooth out fine lines, and create a fresher, brighter complexion. The pads also contain antioxidants to help fight free radical damage that can lead to aging and an additional AHA, Lactic Acid, also helps to exfoliate.

The first time I used the pads I felt a tingling sensation which passed after a few moments. I currently use them every morning.  If you have never used a Glycolic based product before I suggest to start by using them only once per day three times a week then gradually work your way up to daily use. After two weeks of daily use I noticed that areas of discoloration on my cheeks were becoming clearer,  my foundation went on better, and it also helped with the visible pores on my cheeks. True story.

Step 2: Daily application for SPF 30 or higher is mandatory.  I often have clients tell me that they rely on their foundation for their sun protection. If you wear a tinted moisturizer or foundation that has some sunscreen in it that’s great because you can never have too much protection. However, in order for any product with sunscreen to be effective you have to apply it evenly everyday. Sometimes we don’t wear makeup everyday and if we are in a hurry we don’t always apply it evenly.  And if you only have sunscreen in your makeup then your neck and decollate are left vulnerable to sun damage.  I wear SPF  everyday and I always put a little extra on my neck and chest because the skin in those areas is very thin and needs extra love and protection.  In order to benefit from the amazing results that the Miracle Pads will give you be sure to protect your investment daily by applying a separate SPF product before your makeup.

I absolutely can’t wait to hear about the awesome results you will have with these pads. Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@sagebeautyblog) to let me know if you decide to try this product or leave a comment or question below.










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