How To Spring Clean Your Closet and Just ThredUP

Hello Lovelies,

Now that we have sprung ahead and Easter is less than two weeks away, it’s time to start preparing for spring and the rebirth of your wardrobe.  This is a great time to start purging your closet of things you have not worn or even thought about wearing in the last six months. Favorite colors, body weight, and style preferences change from season to season,  so take this month as the perfect opportunity to update your look and realign your personal style.

In order to make my spring cleaning process more efficient I decided to schedule it in my planner like any other meeting or appointment I have to keep and complete. I also decided to only do one room at a time. This month I am solely focusing on bedroom organization, and next month it will be living room organization.  While some people may dread cleaning and organization I live for it!!  I believe that the way you align your home and your personal space can create either frenetic and uncomfortable energy, or productive and peaceful energy.  I am choosing to release clutter from my life to open the door for the latter, and make space for new amazing things to come into my closet.


A happy pile of clothes moving on to have a new life.

In the picture above you are presented with a glimpse of some of the pieces of my wardrobe that are now moving on to new adventures.  I recently discovered an app called ThredUp that has made spring cleaning an easy, profitable, and socially conscious endeavor.  ThredUP is an online consignment shop that carries quality brands for women and children up to 90% off.  They only accept top name brands such as J.Crew and Alice&Olivia that are in almost new condition.  I downloaded the application on my IPhone 6S plus and created an account.  After this setup you request a free ThredUP bag or “cleanout” bag to be sent to you.  The bag is about the size of a medium laundry bag. My experience in retail has given me some excellent folding skills so I was able to fit a lot into my bag.



The bag comes with a prepaid shipping label so all you have to do is drop it off at your local FedEx location and it’s ready to go.  The process is so easy I was able do a deep cleaning and then a drop off in about three hours.  No fuss, no struggle.  You can earn up to 80% of the selling price of any item ThredUP can resell in their shop, or you can use your payout as credits toward shopping on ThredUp,  and you also have the option to donate your payout to charity.   To learn more details about the process please visit their FAQ page HERE.  I also love the fact that ThredUP donates a portion of the proceeds from every bag and order to Teach for America.  So what I’m saying is that you can eliminate clutter, make money, and have the chance to give back to the world.








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