What I learned about fashion from Courtney Love

Hello Lovelies,

Fashion for me is about self-expression, confidence, reinvention, and creativity.  There are several style icons that have influenced my love of fashion and beauty over the years. I decided that from time to time I would share with my lovelies some of my style heroes, or rather she-roes.

As a teen of the 90s I have a special place in my heart for the era of Grunge, My-So Called Life, mini-backpacks, and chokers.  To this day I listen to Pearl Jam and Alanis Morissette just as often as I listen to Rhianna, Drake, and my future next door neighbor Adele.  In my early adolescence I took comfort in the music of Tori Amos, Jewel, Nirvana, and Hole.  The lead singer of Hole is Courtney Love Cobain.  I remember when her and her late great husband Kurt Cobain were on the cover of Sassy Magazine.  I remember when their only child, Frances Bean Cobain, was a toddler.  I remember thinking how cool it would be to live in Seattle.  I have resigned myself to just drinking a lot of coffee in New York.

Music has always been a major influencer of fashion and beauty.   I was always in awe of Courtney’s stylish rebel-glam aura.  She was girly on her own terms; she was a strong, unapologetic rock star but still wore dresses.   Her lyrics were raw, and she was feminine but never the traditional definition of “ladylike”.



Photo Credit: rookiemag.com

I have been caught between two musical worlds for most of my life.  I grew up as a classically trained violinist, spending joyful hours practicing Mozart but listening to Hole and Pearl Jam while I ate dinner.  With only male genius to look up to in my classical life (Bach, Tchaikovsky, Chopin), in retrospect, having a female musical role model was cool and special.  Courtney never told me be demure or to apologize. She told me to play music, loud and raw, wear whatever I wanted and not to care what others thought about it.

Here are my style takeaways from Courtney.


 Red lipstick IS everything

While I was writing this post, I realized it was almost impossible to find an image of Courtney without her signature red lip color.  When I look at makeup trends of years ago it’s like an old photo album of the times when I was first falling in love with makeup.  I have been and always will be a devoted red lipstick lover and collector.  Red lipstick is classic but powerful.  Courtney’s look was usually a red with a glossy or satin finish. It’s as if it was applied without a mirror but with muscle memory and no lipliner. The look is complimented by a smudgy smokey eye in warm browns. Don’t forget the tousled second day hair that is only cool because it looks like you literally did wake up like that.


Photo credit: 25.media.tumblr.com via Pinterest.


Wear a dress, your way.

While the era of grunge is often synonymous with baggy plaid shirts and thrift store cardigans, Courtney’s look can be described as sexy and girly with radical edges.  Slip dresses were a major part of some of her best fashion moments.  My wardrobe consists mainly of dresses that can go from day to night. Slip dresses will always be a style-win because they can work on various body types, are super versatile, and can be combined with biker jacker or a fur coat and some platforms.


Tiaras are the perfect accessory.

One my of favorite ways to complete my look is with an embellished headband. Currently I am obsessed with searching for vintage headbands and tiaras whenever possible.  I have always loved tiaras and perhaps I owe that partly to Courtney.  Yes, we can all be homecoming queen!  The concept of giving yourself a crown and simply embracing your inner princess is what I would call fashion empowerment! They add a fun, elegant, fairy tale touch to your look.



Photo Credit: harpersbazaar.com

I would love to know what female rocks stars have a style that you love! Leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram (@sagebeautyblog)



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