Complexion Perfection: Color Correcting Made Easy

Hello Lovelies,

It’s time to talk about the art of color correcting and how easy it is to camouflage and correct unwanted discoloration.  Using a color corrector to neutralize uneven surface tones in your skin is a game changer.  Color correctors are a quick and easy step to add to your routine that will make a huge difference in how your makeup looks.   They are usually creamy products that come in specific colors based on the concept of color theory.   Makeup is my art, and understanding the concept of color, light, and surface tone is essential to creating a flawless complexion.  Let’s a take a moment to look at the color wheel!




Remember the color wheel from elementary school? The reason why color correctors work is because opposing colors will cancel each other out.  For example, red is opposite green, so a green corrector will neutralize areas of redness.  After the discoloration is neutralized, then your concealer and foundation are able to work smarter not harder.  Do you feel like your under-eye concealer never really covers your dark circles and you can still see a shadow?  Do you feel redness or freckles are still peaking through your foundation?  If you answered yes to any of these struggles then it’s time to add a color correcting product to your makeup routine.

I recently had the chance to try out the new Backlight Targeted Color Correctors from Becca Cosmetics.  I was so excited even my dark circles were happy!  At first glance a small pot of creamy purple product or green product doesn’t look like something you would want to put on your face but don’t worry because this is where the magic happens. Each color corrector comes in a different color because each color addresses a specific concern.


The Purpose and Power of the Colors

The Pistachio Corrector neutralizes redness.  If you are concerned with persistent flushing, rosacea, or redness from acne and breakouts this is the one for you. This is great for fair to light skintones. Of course if you have a warmer complexion and have some redness feel free to use this one.

The Violet Corrector neutralizes sallowness and dullness. If you want to correct any areas that have dull yellow tones then use this one. This color works great on light to medium/olive skintones.

The Peach Corrector neutralizes dark circles and hyperpigmentation. My rule of thumb is: Peach perks up all people! Peachy tones work great to neutralize darkness and unwanted brown spots for most skintones.

The Papaya Corrector neutralizes deep blue and green tones. This is my personal favorite because my main concern is dark circles.  If you have a medium to dark skintone, stubborn dark circles, tattoos, dark spots on the face,  or bruising then this corrector will work wonders.

The Tools

  • A concealer brush
  • A fluffy shadow brush (synthetic hair is best for creamy products)
  • Beauty Blender sponge (remember to dampen before using)
  • Your favorite foundation and concealer
  • Loose Setting Powder

The Application Technique

  • Apply your appropriate corrector after your skincare and your foundation primer.
  • Using a q-tip or spatula take a small amount of product out and place on the back of your hand (less is more)
  • Using  the shadow brush (synthetic hair) apply a small amount of the color corrector on the areas of concern (under-eye area, cheeks, center of the face, around the nose)
  • Blend the corrector into your skin.
  • Apply your concealer, with your concealer brush, on top of the corrector and blend with your Beauty Blender sponge.
  • Apply your foundation as you normally would, and set your face with loose powder.

Here I am with no makeup on, just brows!!




Now that my dark circles have been neutralized I can finish the rest of my makeup and put my lashes on.

If you have multiple areas of concern you can use more than one corrector. For example, if you have a medium to deep skintone with variations in discoloration you can use use the Papaya corrector on the darker areas, and the Peach corrector on the lighter areas.  If you have have a fair to light skintone but are concerned with redness and dark circles then you can apply Pistachio where needed and then the Peach corrector only under the eye area.

FYI: I happen to have darkness all around my eye so I also use the Papaya corrector on my lid too so when I put my concealer on top my eye shadows have an smooth even canvas. What I love most about Becca’s color correctors is that I immediately noticed that my makeup looked brighter and more natural, not like I’m trying to cover anything up or have an extra layer.  Seamless. No dark circles here, thank you very much.

Feel free to leave a question or comment below on color correcting! Or you can tag me on Instagram because I would love to see how this product works for you.



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