Chasing Fashion: A Valentine’s Day of Sequins & Tulle

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

Coco Chanel 


Hello Lovelies,

Valentine’s Day was made for me and I was made for Valentine’s Day.  It is one of my favorite days of the year.  It combines romance, beauty, chocolate, lingerie, flowers, and the color pink!  It’s a post-Christmas occasion that allows us, in the midst of the chilling and confusing New York winter, a chance to dress up, treat ourselves to something nice, spend some time with your special someone, or throw a party with your girlfriends if you are single.  This is also a great time for engagements, engagement photos, romantic proposals, and weddings.  I have a few friends who have gotten married on Valentine’s Day and it’s devastatingly romantic.


It was a dream come true styling this shoot for the blog.  Winter white is elegant, sophisticated, and sometimes an unexpected color choice.  I love it because you can mix and match textures, add pops of color with accessories, and it’s a neutral background that works with any makeup look, day or night. For example, instead of my usual classic red lip for V-day, I opted for a deep oxblood red and wore ‘Shame’ lipstick by Urban Decay.


The Beauty of Tulle

The white maxi tulle skirt I’m wearing is from  Bliss Tulle has amazing options for tulle skirts in various styles and colors. They also do custom orders as well. My skirt is the Maxi Ivory.  There are so many ways to style a tulle skirt. They are incredibly versatile and you can wear them with a soft plaid shirt or a sequined top like I did.  My Ivory maxi is what I like to call a ‘statement investment piece’.  A statement investment piece can always be mixed with more casual pieces that your already have in your wardrobe.  Since this is my Valentine’s Day outfit I paired it with a fitted, sequined crop top.

STYLE FYI: When you are wearing a fuller, flowy bottom keep your frame balanced with a fitted top so as not to look too bulky or get lost in your outfit.




The Crowning Glory

This winter I have discovered a new love for vintage and vintage inspired jewelry, especially headbands.  I found this gorgeous headband at a store called LoveDay 31 in Astoria, Queens.  They have amazing pieces and you can check them out here.  An embellished headband is my new everyday statement piece.  My favorite show, Reign, has inspired me to let my inner royal express herself.

Style FYI: You can still wear additional accessories when you dabble in the world of tiaras or headbands.  Supplement the look with more understated pieces of jewelry in a complimentary color or tone.




The Perfect Jewelry for a Gotham City Princess

For this look I am wearing the amazing creations of Shahla Karimi.  I discovered her sophisticated and chic designs in Bloomingdales here in New York City.  Her pieces have been worn by Lena Dunham, Carrie Underwood, and Idina Menzel.  My stackable rings are part of her well-known Subway Series collection.  The curved design of the rings represents the curving NYC subway lines that take you to of some of the most iconic places in the city:  Yankee Stadium to Wall Street, Harlem to South Ferry, and Inwood to World Trade Center.  New York will always be part of my style.  I fall in love with my city all over again every day,  and in the midst of metal and clouds, there is history, fashion, and inspiration. My bracelet is also part of the Subway Series.


I am also wearing the Paris Lake Ring No.3 which is part of Shahla’s Paris Waters Series.  This was the piece that first caught my eye. It is shaped from Parisian bodies of water.  It fits so comfortably and it’s a modern and fashion forward touch to any outfit. My other obsession is the Interlocking Honeycomb Ring Set which you need to check out here.


As Mariah says, “and it’s just like honey, when your love comes over me!”  The Interlocking Honeycomb Ring set (one on top of each other), but I also like to wear them individually.  I love the way Shahla uses shapes from nature.




Love It, Wear It, Buy It

Maxi Tulle Skirt (Ivory): Bliss Tulle

Sequined Crop Top: Forever 21

Embellished Headband (Vintage): LoveDay 31

Rings & Bracelet: Shahla Karimi

Photo Credit: Christina Shields

Styled by Lily Sage!!

Leave a comment below on what you plan to wear for Valentine’s Day, and I would also love to know how you style your tulle skirt for special occasions.



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