Brand Review: Savannah Hair Therapy.

Hello Lovelies,

I recently had the opportunity try a new hair care brand, and I really fell in love with the results.  My winter hair struggles have finally been conquered thanks to my new BFF’s at Savannah Hair Therapy.  I am always excited to try new hair products, and I like to rotate my hair product regime because my hair and scalp has a tendency to be dry.

When it comes to hair care products some of the words that warm my heart and soul are hydrating, reparative, and nourishing.  Savannah Hair Therapy did it right.  They have several fabulous products,  but instead of including them all in one post I decided it would be better to try one or two products at a time and share my results as I explore the brand. This will also give me the opportunity to see how my hair reacts to some new goodies.

Savannah Hair Therapy uses the intense nourishing powers of Shea Butter to strengthen and moisturize your hair with Shea Butter.   Shea butter is what I like to call a “head to to” ingredient; it is excellent for hair and skin.

Here’s a fun fact: Shea Butter is made from the kernel of a fruit that grows wild in West Africa. It is commonly referred to as a “Nut,” but, technically it is a “Pit” from the fruit of a fruit tree. The Shea Tree can live up to 300 years!

Shea Butter is packed with oodles of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin F, proteins, and essential fatty acids.  It is an excellent ingredient that prevents breakage and helps to smooth your hair. This brand is great for dry hair, chemically treated hair, or naturally curly hair or relaxed hair.

Shea Butter Treatment Oil

The Treatment Oil is a concentrated, lightweight, not greasy oil that can be used before or after styling. I also love the scent.


I decided to try this product for the first time before shampooing, which is also called a “pre-poo”.   This was my first time using this product.  Doing a “pre-poo” is a great hair care hack for dry, damaged, or curly hair.  When you pre-poo you apply an oil or a mask before you shampoo to help with detangling (one my biggest hair struggles), to add moisture, and to minimizes breakage during the washing process.   The Treatment Oil helps imparts shine, and also contains vitamins and proteins that aid in restoring damaged hair. I sectioned my hair and applied from root to tip,  and waited between fifteen to twenty minutes.  I detangled my hair, and noticed I had minimally breakage and my hair felt so soft and smooth.  At this point I proceeded to wash and condition my hair as usual.  Detangling before you get in the shower is time-efficient and makes the washing process easier.  I also used this oil at the end of my styling routine just on the ends of my hair for extra moisture and shine. Dry splits end are not cute.


Shea Butter Treatment Mask


This product is more than a game changer, it’s a life changer.  I can honestly say this is a product that you absolutely have to invest in.  The Treatment Mask is a rich, creamy hair mask that is an intensive treatment.  I was truly amazed at the difference in my hair after only the first use.   You can use this mask right after shampooing, but I always like to use my hair masks before I get in the shower.  Breakage occurs more often on wet hair, and your hair is in a more delicate state when it is wet.  Because I have naturally dry curly hair I try to minimize how much I manipulate my hair.  I applied my mask generously from root to tip, detangle gently, use the time to do a sheet mask while my hair is being treated, and then rinse in the shower normally.  I recommend using it once a week if your hair is damaged, dry, naturally curly or textured, chemically treated (color or relaxing), and if you heat style daily.  If you have fine, but color-treated hair that is parched I was would recommend applying sparingly from mid hair shaft to the the ends of your hair.

I’m really looking forward to trying the other products in the brand. I will keep you updated on my results and haircare hacks over the next few weeks.

As a special offer for all my lovelies you can save 15% off when you order Savannah Hair Therapy products using my promo code: “SAGEBEAUTY”.  This code is valid from until February 1st to March 1st!!!  Everyone can fabulous hair just in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s already posted on my Instagram which you can visit here.

If you try the oil or the mask, please leave a comment below about how it worked for you.





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