How to Get Better Beauty Sleep and Wake Up Gorgeous.

Hello Lovelies,

A good night’s sleep is just as important to your beauty routine and overall health as wearing an SPF daily.  Honestly, I need eight to nine hours to feel pretty and productive during the day.  I am also a passionate advocate for naps.  While we sleep our body repairs itself and corrects the damage it has to endure during the day.   I am always reminding friends, family, and clients that taking of your skin at night is a non-negotiable.

I recently discovered a product that has taken my nighttime beauty routine to another level.  Imagine using a product that is beneficial to your skin and hair, easy to use and incorporate into your nightly routine, and is recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers, and aestheticians.  And to top it off…it comes in pink!  We spend on average a third of our lives in bed, so it’s time to make the most of those hours.

My fabulous pink Slip Silk Pillowcase has been my new best friend for a month. Over the course of my beauty career I have been told by several aestheticians to never sleep on my side or stomach because that can contribute to lines and wrinkles.  Over the last five years I have trained myself to sleep on my back,  but sometimes I’m just really tired and I roll over. How many times have we all woken up with deep pillow creases on our face?  The creases may disappear during the day but over time they can become more permanent and contribute to visible signs of aging.  I really don’t need to wake up with extra eye creases.

Sleeping on the Slipsilk pillowcase helps to reduce friction and tugging on delicate facial skin.  The silk allows your skin to gently glide on your pillow with no friction and no pressure.   Cotton as a material absorbs moisture, which is why bath towels and underwear are made from cotton.  Sleeping on cotton pulls moisture away from your skin and hair.   When you upgrade to silk your products are able to stay on and do their job more effectively.  Keeping your skin consistently moisturized is a key component of having the most healthy and youthful complexion possible.  When I wake up in the morning I have no creases and my skin feels soft and smooth.  When I was sleeping on my cotton pillowcases I would apply my moisturizer thirty minutes before bed because my face would stick to my pillow and leave a wet circle if I went straight to bed right after applying my nighttime products.  If I pay money for a retinol serum it better stay on my face.



Slip Silk is also a great haircare product!  I am always collecting floral printed silk scarves just to put my hair up with at bedtime.  That trick I learned from my Grandmother because she always told me that it would protect my hair from getting dry. Grammy was right again!  Giving up my nighttime scarf to test drive this product was a little scary but it was totally worth it to see such a great results.  A standard cotton pillowcase will rob hair of moisture and shine, in addition to contributing to tangles and unnecessary stress on the hair shaft.  Say goodbye to the beadhead struggle.  After two nights I noticed my hair was actually softer and frizz-free when I woke up.  Miraculous my friends.

I have seen pillowcases that are made of satin, but satin will not provide the same benefits because it’s a synthetic material.  Satin looks nice, but it’s rougher in texture and not a ‘breatheable’ material so you will not see the same benefits as using the Slip Silk Pillowcase.   Silk is a natural temperature regulator.  It’s also naturally dust mite resistant so it’s good for people with allergies.

The “Momme” is the unit of measure for the quality of silk.  It is pronounced “moe-mie” and abbreviated as “mm.”    Think of it as being similar to measuring carats for diamonds. Slip Silk uses the highest grade (6A) of long fiber mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 Momme.   They also use non-toxic dyes, and it’s safe for all ages and skin types.  And be sure to follow the wash and care instructions so you can have many lovely nights with your pillowcase.

I highly suggest investing in this product because the results are immediate and all you have to do is just close your eyes, go to sleep, and have wonderful dreams.  If you have slept on a silk pillowcase or try out Slip Silk, please leave a comment below about how it worked for you and what differences you noticed in your skin and hair.


Lily Sage


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