A Taste of Auld Lang Syne: Champagne Cocktail Recipe!


Hello Lovelies!

It’s the last day of the year and I still can’t believe that this is my last post for 2015!  I have so much to be grateful for over the past 365 days. The highlights of my year are hard to narrow down, but at the top of the list was being one the of the bloggers at the Lovely Happenings fall event. It was such an amazing experience meeting other passionate and creative bloggers, and connecting with my readers (new and old). You can read more about that event here.   I also had the opportunity to meet the brilliant and beautiful Misty Copeland, and I was able to take to my blog to a new level by sharing my personal style and love for fashion on Sage Beauty this fall.  The list goes on and on.

In a few hours we will be getting ready to party and ring in 2016. I love Champagne and any kind of Sparkling Wine, and since I have not posted a recipe all year I thought it would be fun to end the year with this delicious Luscious Sour Apple Champagne Cocktail recipe.  I found this recipe and these lovely pictures via Pinterest and the recipe can be found on Will Cook For Smiles



  • 2 oz Sour Apple schnapps
  • ¾ oz Triple Sec
  • 1 oz vanilla vodka
  • Champagne to fill the glass  (They recommend 5 oz/glass but it depends on the glass)
  1. Combine sour apple schnapps, triple sec and vanilla vodka in a shaker. Add just a little bit of ice and shake.
  2. Divide the mixture between 3-4 champagne glasses (depending on how strong you want it).
  3. Add champagne to each glass to fill it up.


I would love it if you leave a comment below about how you celebrated New Year’s Eve and if you tried out this recipe. I’m sure you and your guests will love it!  And FYI: in 2016 I will be sharing more of my favorite recipes on the blog.


See you next year, and I love you


Lily Sage


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