Chasing Fashion: Three Easy Ways to Update Your Fall Wardrobe.

Hello Lovelies!

The month of October is usually the time when I start to “flip” my closet.  This means that I reluctantly say goodbye to summer and start packing away all my sundresses in order to make room for my fall clothes.  This year I realized that I really don’t have an extensive Autumn wardrobe.  My wardrobe consists of fabulous summer dresses, evening gowns, and the warmest winter coat in the world, my full-length Canada Goose Parka.  I have some fall items that have been in rotation for the past two seasons that are fashionable and functional, but this year I am craving something new and the time has come for a new different fall statement.

Step One: Clean out your closet and take stock.

Set aside at least two to three hours to really go through your closet and be honest about what you actually love to wear. If you haven’t worn an item or thought about wearing it in the past three months just put it in a donation pile for Goodwill. Personal style is always evolving and some things that you loved last fall may not work for you this fall. Give it a new life and it give it away.

Step Two: Contour your closet with a dose of color.

When I was going through my closet, my fall color palette consisted of brown, navy blue, light gray, pink, black, and white.   I love soft textures and cosy sweaters with comfy black leggings or a knee-length pencil skirt.  This year my color palette is getting a dash of modern sophistication by incorporating dark plums, greens, warm caramel, and burgundy. In New York City, basic black is the staple of every woman’s wardrobe, but as an artist I also love color. I truly believe color evokes energy and it’s a great way to express yourself.  Fall is a time of transition and it’s also a time for transition so fall fashion allows the chance to try something new, explore a different look.

Step Three: Create a flexible uniform.

I love to wear dresses. Dresses are my number one wardrobe staple because they are chic, transition from work to play effortlessly, and are casual or dressy.  Even though I tend to stick to dresses my look never stays the same or gets predictable.  I am able to keep things fresh by incorporating varying patterns and texture so that my “everyday” look is never too predictable.  For example if your daily uniform is usually skinny jeans, boots, and cute sweater you can easily build on that with small changes.  Invest it distressed denim, add a statement necklace, or some over-the knee boots. I doubt any woman “needs” an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, whether you love to rock Louboutins or classic Chucks.

If you follow me on Instagram(I know you do!) you may have noticed that I have been sharing some of my favorite fall outfits. Fashion and style have always been something I love in addition to beauty so you will be seeing more fashion and style post on Sage Beauty Blog in the weeks to come.



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