Lovely Happening Fall Event Recap!!

Hello Lovelies,

I’m so excited to share all the details of the Lovely Happenings Fall Event this month. It was such a wonderful experience being able to participate in this event with so many amazing bloggers.  This event, the brilliant creation of sisters Jaclyn and Rachael,  brings together bloggers who love beauty, fashion, food, DIY, in addition to amazing brands and services.  I spent the day sharing my knowledge about one my favorite topics, exfoliation!! It was so much fun helping everyone who attended create their own personalized body scrub with a recipe that uses delicious ingredients that you can find in your kitchen at home.



IMG_5355 IMG_5373

My station was DIY body scrub station. Everyone picked a container and started mixing their personalized body product to take home. The recipe is easy and fun to create. The measurements are only suggested amounts of each ingredient; you can add more or less of each ingredient to achieve the amount or texture your desire. If you want your scrub to be creamy, add more more oil. If you want a more “scrubby” texture then add more sugar.

Step 1: Start with something sweet

2 Cups of Organic Brown Sugar

1 cup of White sugar (optional)

1 cup of Turbinado Sugar (optional)

Step 2: Add an Oil for Hydration

1/2 cup of Coconut Oil for hydration and healing.

(I also love using Sweet Almond Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, or Olive Oil)

Step 3: Add a Boost of Treatment (pick your favorite or add all three!)

 1/2 Cup of ground Coffee to help stimulate circulation and decrease the appearance of cellulite.

1/2 Cup of Cocoa for oodles of antioxidants.

 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon to soften skin, provide antibacterial benefits, and the scent the fall.

Mix all the ingredients all and enjoy daily as part of your body care routine or as needed.

The event was also a great time to discover new brands, like my new favorite, Bleeker and Spring, Their feminine and elegant statement pieces with splashes of color are a must have addition to your wardrobe.


I had a moment to stop by the kitchen and the cupcake I tried changed my life. Be sure to check out Sweets by Olivia!


What can I say? There is always time for a mimosa and a chat!!

IMG_5364 Absolutely loved the style advice from the fashion panel!


Be sure to check out Anna Osgoodby pumpkin decorating tips here.


Thank you to Jaclyn and Rachael for the perfect space for lovely things to happen!


I had a wonderful time at the event and I am so grateful I was able to participate. Stay tuned for more DIY projects and recipes here on Sage Beauty in the coming weeks.

Until Next Time,

xoxox Lily

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