Hello Lovelies,

If you follow me on Instagram (@sagebeautyblog🙂 it’s pretty obvious I love a smokey eye look.  So of course I have a lot of pink and nude lip colors in my collection to keep my look balanced.  If you have a medium to dark skintone finding a “nude” lip color is challenging.  Most nude colors are either too light or too brown.  As a makeup artist I suggest your nude lip color be one shade lighter than your skintone, and try to stick colors that have a warm undertone to avoid looking washed out.  In this post I’m sharing some tips for brown girls everywhere to achieve the perfect nude lip look.


The Tools:

  • Your favorite lip balm (This time I’m using my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment w/SPF 15)
  • Brown Lip Liner (I’m using Chocolate Chip from Clinique but whatever you have at home is fine)
  • Concealer (As usual, I’m pulling out my beloved Becca Concealer in Syrup, and sometimes I use Coffee)
  • A lip brush

The Technique:

Using the lip brush apply a small amount of concealer all over your lips to even out your natural lip color.  If your lips are not a uniform color, which is my problem, using concealer to even out your lip color with help achieve the nude look you want by neutralizing your natural lip color.   I apply my brown lip liner and soften the line with my lip brush, blending it into the concealer which creates a neutral canvas.  In the first photo you can see the liner right before I blended it with my lip brush.


My Favorite Nude Colors

So now that you have the perfect canvas it’s time to apply your lipstick.  In this look I am using Marzipan by Bite Beauty.  Bite Beauty recently launched an outstanding collection of nude lip colors that I highly recommend. You can find them here.  You can see the tone of my lips looks nude and natural, but not washed out.


Here are some other great nude lip colors for brown girls:

  • Marzipan Butter Cream Lipstick by Bite Beauty.
  • Het Loo Satin Lip Pencil by Nars.
  • Touch Lipstick by MAC.
  • Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar.

Find me on SnapChat(@sagebeautyblog), and send me a snap of yourself with a nude lip! I love to see what my readers love using!



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