Nothing To Declare: Adventures in Amsterdam: Part I

Schipol Airport The Netherlands :)

Schipol Airport
The Netherlands 🙂

Hello Lovelies!!

I’m very excited to start this three-part series on my recent trip to Amsterdam.  It was an amazing experience traveling on my own, discovering amazing product and fashion finds, and making new friends along the way.  Before I start describing how I now love all things Dutch, let’s talk about the traveling preparations.  You never really know how many products you use on a daily basis until you have to pack up your whole daily operation and cross an ocean.

If you have a lot of samples accumulated from holiday sets, promotions, or cosmetic counters I suggest creating a special area in your bathroom just for these gems so you have a stock of travel friendly products at your disposal whenever needed.

When you visit Sephora they have an amazing selection of travel friendly products that you can take on the plane. If you aren’t sure what the regulations are take a few minutes to visit during your travel preparations.  When packing for a trip I like to pack products that are multitasking products that can address a few different concerns in order to economize space in my suitcase. I always travel with certain number of products so I always end up checking my bag.  I went to my local Sephora two days before my trip to replenish a few basics beauty staples, and found some great traveling companions for Amsterdam.

The Travel Companions

The Travel Companions


1. Josie Maran Argan Skin Relief Set (Everything is under 3 oz.)

This set is an absolute must-have for traveling or even your gym bag.  It contains travel sizes of Josie’s Argan Cleansing Oil, the  pure Argan Oil, and her broad spectrum SPF 47 .  The cleansing oil is great for all skin types, removes makeup, and softens the skin.  Argan Oil is excellent as a daily hydrating facial oil. The SPF 47 is lightweight, leaves no chalky white residue, is safe for sensitive skin,  and works well under makeup.  This SPF uses Zinc and Titanium Dioxide (physical sunscreens)  so if chemical sunscreens make your skin uncomfortable or irritated you should definitely own this product.  The price of twenty-four dollars is an amazing buy for all three products.


2. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream(2.0oz)

Traveling is fun, but it can take a toll on your skin.  First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream deeply moisturizes and heals the skin without feeling heavy or greasy.  With the change in season here in New York and the long flight I did notice some dry patches around my nose. I used this for two days and felt a difference right away. The active ingredient is Colloidal Oat Flour which is a skin protectant. It says on the tube it is for face and “elsewhere”. I was running low on body cream during my trip and used this as a replacement and it felt amazing. So if you are really packing light this is a product that is great head to toe.


3. L’occitane Cleansing and Softening Shower Oil with Almond Oil(2.5 oz)

I always buy this little bottle of liquid gold whenever I am planning a trip.  L’occitane has been a staple brand in my skincare routine for years. The shower oil can also be used as a shaving oil. The bottle is reusable as well. It will lightly foam in the shower, gently cleansing while it keeps your skin soft and hydrated.  Did I mention it smells amazing??!!



4.  The Tamanna Eyeshadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills($29)

I hope you are following Tamanna Roashan on Instagram.  She is an amazing Los Angeles based makeup artist and beauty educator who teamed up with Anastasia Beverly Hills to create this amazing palette. It is smaller than my other palettes and fits into my Kate Spade travel makeup bag perfectly.  It caught my attention because it incorporates an excellent range of colors that can work for all eye colors and skin tones.  It also comes with five full-color detailed looks for your to recreate at home. This palette is versatile, compact, and the shadows wear beautifully.  If really want to learn how to do your eye makeup the look cards are excellent for a makeup novice, and if you are a makeup pro you will appreciate the texture and excellent pigment. It also come with a double ended shadow brush and a mirror for those touch-ups in the airport.

If you plan on traveling any time soon or are currently globetrotting,  please let me know what products you always love to pack or if you decide to try any of the products mentioned in the post. Tag me on Instagram (@sagebeautyblog) or Twitter (@sagebeautyblog).

In my next post I will be sharing the treasures found at my new favorite pharmacy in Amsterdam.

Stay tuned

Stay beautiful



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