Everything is coming up Roses: REN Rose 012 Moisture Defense Serum


If you live on the East coast of the United States then you are probably still recovering from the devastating winter weather we have had to endure. I didn’t even know what a “polar vortex” was before this year.  Due to the extreme cold weather this year, my combination skin has been feeling dry, sensitive, uncomfortable, and overall unhappy. I started looking for a product that would help hydrate my skin and help ease the irritation I was feeling from my eczema. Ren saved my skin from the effects of three snowstorms per week.  Roses have been used in medicinal remedies for centuries and have immense healing powers and aromatherapeutic benefits. The Rose Serum from Ren is a nourishing facial oil that is used day and night under a moisturizer. It locks in moisture and boost radiance in the skin, in addition to improving elasticity. It replenishes and repairs skin with Rose Damascena Oil, Ceramides, and Vitamin A.  When a product helps your skin hold onto moisture, it helps fight against premature aging.

I started using one pump of the oil under my night cream for a week and noticed a significant improvement in the overall condition in my skin. I woke up and noticed my skin was softer and felt hydrated but not greasy. I also noticed the peeling and itching I had been suffering subsided.  The second week I started using it twice a day. My makeup went on more smoothly and my skin looked brighter. Sometimes I also used this product on its own in the morning without a moisturizer and my skin still loved it.

I recommend this product if you have dry skin, persistent dehydration, or sensitive skin. This serum is also a great addition to your routine if you are currently using a Retinol product and are experiencing peeling or irritation.

Before you go you should know:

Ren Rose 012 Moisture Defense Serum ($80) is available at Sephora store. sephora.com and renskincare.com

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