Chilling with Miko at the Salon: My Night At The Miss Jessie’s Salon

Curly Hair Heaven

Curly Hair Heaven

I recently had the fantastic privilege of attending a special event at the Miss Jessie’s Salon in Soho, here in New York City, sponsored by Birchbox.  I’m very excited to share all the details with my lovelies.  As a Birchblogger I go on amazing beauty adventures and bring back oodles of knowledge to my readers. Miss Jessie’s was created by the dynamic sister duo Miko and Titi Branch. Their products revolutionized the hair industry when they came out in 2004. The brand  speaks to a category of consumers that are often neglected, women with curly and textured hair.  Miss Jessie’s products speak to women with curly/wavy/textured hair of all ethnicities and ages.  Their products use nourishing ingredients that are great for your hair while helping you to create and maintain healthy happy curls. When I walked in I was greeted by Miko herself and it was a dream come true to meet her and to learn from her.

Me and Miko!!

Me and Miko!!

The event featured some gorgeous women as hair models in order to demonstrate three new products from Miss Jessie’s.  I must warn you that these products are innovative, highly effective, and will probably change your life if you have curly hair. Most of Miss Jessie’s styling products are in tubs but they have gone “totally tubular” according to Miko.  The new tube packaging makes it convenient to keep these products in your shower and control how much product you use. One of the great things I love about Miss Jessie’s is that you can create amazing styles with only one product.

Totally Tubular!!!

Totally Tubular!!!

The products featured in the picture above are the newest addition to the Miss Jessie’s product line.  The first model, the lovely Melissa who writes, experienced the joy of Coily Custard.  Coily Custard is a great product for someone who has a very tight curl. Coily Custard has coconut oil to hydrate, and it helps prevent curl shrinkage and frizz, while providing lots of shine.  Don’t you just love that fresh, soft, shiny look when you hair is wet? If you do then Coily Custard will give you that look even when your hair is dry.  Your curls will be elongated and defined. Miko’s magic hands worked like lightening on her models.   After Melissa was shampooed and conditioned, Miko applied Coily Custard in sections with her hands. You can either let your hair air-dry or dry with a diffuser. It is lightweight and non-sticky with a fresh scent.


There is beauty in the process.

Coily Custard Curls Rock

Coily Custard Curls Rock

The second model experienced the astounding results of Transitioner’s Magic. This was the product I was most excited to learn about because I have been relaxing my hair for most of my life. Whenever I  think about not relaxing my hair I am usually told by stylists that I would have to cut off ALL of my chemically relaxed hair and start from scratch. Excuse me? On what planet is that going to happen?  Miss Jessie’s has developed a product that makes the “big chop” unnecessary.  Transitioner’s Magic is a moisturizing leave-in styling product that helps to make two dissimilar textures (your natural curly hair and your chemically straight hair) become more uniform. It is a spreadable, lightweight lotion with good coverage. It has a powerhouse team of hydrators such as Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, and Love:)

Before and After

Before and After Transitioner’s Magic

After shampooing and conditioning the hair, Miko applied Transitioner’s Magic to the hair section by section with her hands. Scrunching the hair helps to encourage curl and make those straight ends less noticeable.   She used a diffuser and gently dried the hair to help encourage curl. She also took a blow-dryer and went section by section blasting the roots, and ONLY the roots, with a few seconds of heat to pump up the volume and maximize the curl.  Transitioner’s Magic allows you keep your hair hydrated, and allow you to rediscover your inner curly goddess without losing your length. Transitioner’s Magic is also good for people who have straight hair from heat damage or coloring and want to go back to their natural texture.

Multicultural Curls in the house!

Multicultural Curls in the house!

The third new product that was demonstrated was Multi-Cultural Curls.  One year ago I was walking through manhattan on a cloudy day when a petite Caucasian woman with sparkling green eyes approached me on the street.  She complimented me and asked me what I used on my hair. I was surprised by her question because my hair was very curly that day.  But then I saw the reason for her question.  The reason for her question was singing and dancing and had her mother’s smile. The reason she asked me was because of her gorgeous three year old daughter Chloe. Chloe is biracial.  Chloe’s mom told me she wants to use the best products she can find for her daughter. She told me that she wants her to daughter to love her hair and feel good about her biracial heritage. I had tears in my eyes I was so touched.  I suggested using Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme. That is the product I used on that particular morning to hydrate and style my hair.

I hope I run into Chloe and her mom again in the future so I can tell them about Multi-Cultural Curls.  Miko and Tito are biracial beauties, the children of an African-American father and a Japanese mother.  They created this product for anyone who has multi-textured curls.  Some products for curly hair can be very heavy and weigh the hair down and some are not hydrating enough.  This product is the perfect balance.


The Lovely Christina after a touch of Coily Curls

The Lovely Christina after a touch of Coily Curls

The last demonstration of the night featured. the lovely Christina. Her hair was straight at the event but after washing and conditioning and adding some Coily Custard the curls appeared!! This is a great product to help enhance your natural curly or wavy texture but with no frizz and lots of shine.  Your diffuser is your best friend when you want to create a curly look.


I learned some awesome tips and tricks so it’s time for a quick recap:

1.  Whatever your hair is like when it’s wet is what it will be like when it’s dry. Capture your hair in its damp state. Texture changes as hair dries.

2.  Get your scrunch on!! Scrunching is simply lifting the hair in an upward motion to encourage curl while you are drying.

3.  When you blast the roots with your blow-dryer to get a big fluffy curly look, apply the heat to the back of the section. Working from the back helps to hide any mistakes.

4. Flipping your head over will help to create volume.

Miss Jessie’s products are available at Target, Ricky’s, the Miss Jessie’s Salon, and on

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  1. cherylfoston
    May 1, 2014 at 10:33 PM

    Good tips at the end of your blog post. Thanks for sharing!

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