February 2014 Favorites

Since the new year started I have tried some amazing new products and I plan on keeping them in regular rotation in my beauty routine.  All of the products in this post can be found on Sephora.com and at Sephora store locations.

1. Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss by Urban Decay.

It is time for me to confess. I have kept this secret for a very long time and I can’t imagine what the public’s reaction will be. I don’t like lipgloss. Please calm down. My main problem with lip gloss is that I find a lot of glosses are sticky and don’t have enough pigment for me.  Thanks to Urban Decay I am ready to embrace the gloss lifestyle.  The new Naked Lipgloss is formulated with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Rosehip seed oil. They are moisturizing with a delicious fragrance and a smooth texture. I absolutely love this product and I always have it in my daily makeup bag. There are nine shades in this neutral  range of colors,  and I wear the color Naked at least four days a week.  It’s a sheer pink that works well on top of my favorite pink lipstick shades and with just a lip liner.  My favorite way to wear my Naked gloss is to fill in my whole mouth with a pink lip liner then add my gloss on top. It also works well by itself.

2. Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme  $44

I have been a fan of Becca Cosmetics for almost eight years. I have always loved using their foundations and concealers because they have a fantastic shade range, incredible coverage, and skin-friendly ingredients. This new foundation conceals every flaw possible and yet feels and looks weightless. Once again Becca is breaking new ground in the category of complexion with a product that contains 21% pigment and 22% water.   Most foundations on the market today only contain 5 to 10% water and only 10% pigment. There are twenty shades available and I usually apply it with my Beauty Blender sponge, and set it with a quick spray of Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray.

3.  L’occitane Cleansing and Softening Shower Oil with Almond Oil  $36

In the winter my skin starts begging for intense hydration. Every January Sephora comes out with jumbo value sizes of best-selling products and they usually last me until June.  Right now I am in love with this shower oil.  It smells fantastic but not overwhelming and hydrates with almond oil and rosemary. It comes out like an oil but when you add water it turns into a light cleansing foam.  It is also great for shaving.  The jumbo size is thirty-six dollars for 16.9oz.  The regular size is 8.4oz for twenty-five dollars.  If you have dry skin or sensitive skin this is perfect for you.

4.  Fresh Black Tea Eye Cream.  $85

The only way I can begin to describe this product is as a mink coat for your orbital bone.  It is the most hydrating and luxurious eye product I have used to date.  Whenever I purchase a Fresh skin care product my skin starts to shout for joy.  I always know that when I open up a Fresh skin care product that my skin is going to end up being happier, healthier, more hydrated, and ready to take on the danger of free radicals.  This eye cream addresses fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness. The texture is rich but it melts into the skin easily.  It treats and prevents visible signs of aging and moisturizes. It has an innovative ingredient called Noni Fruit extract which is bursting with antioxidants. I know that word gets thrown around a lot in the beauty industry so let me take a moment to clarify.  Antioxidants fight environmental aggressors know as free radicals. They are the national guard for your skin.  If you are looking for an eye cream that will address multiple concerns, is used in the morning before makeup and at bedtime, while keeping you looking bright-eyed, then just buy this product.

  One thought on “February 2014 Favorites

  1. Stella orozco
    March 15, 2014 at 9:49 PM

    Wonderful blog!!! I am going to seek out the Naked lip gloss now!!!

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