New York Fashion Week: My afternoon with Katya Zol

When is it a good time to wear four-inch platform Mary Jane’s in the snow-covered ice laden streets of New York City? During New York Fashion Week of course! I’m so excited to get back to blogging and sharing the fantastic experience of attending the Katya Sol show at Mercedes-Benz fashion week at Lincoln Center. After the show, I was able to meet the brilliant and beautiful designer.

Her designs are versatile, sophisticated and modern,  She utilizes regal, opulent textures that are evocative of her Mongolian heritage. The show opened with a mesmerizing dance performance that was the perfect preface to a mystical collection that included a palette of gray,white, and deep rich browns.




IMG_4221             IMG_4231

All of Katya Zol’s looks are wearable and can work for day or night.  Even if you feel that you can’t wear every piece in a collection, there are ways to incorporate trends into your wardrobe.  When you are taking inspiration straight from the runway I suggest picking two or three of your favorite key elements.  My favorite elements from this show were the sleek leather pieces, the neutral color palette that can work with what you already have in your closet, and the feminine accents.  Watching each model come down the runway made me look forward to Autumn so I could wrap myself in one of Katya’s cashmere creations. The makeup and hair were a good balance to the crisp sophistication of the clothes.  The models had flawless dewy skin and minimal eye makeup.  The hair was slicked back off the face into low ponytails.




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