Oh The Freshness! Tarte Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant


Hello My Lovely Sage Beauties,

In honor of Earth Day I decided to share a post on a new vegan product from one of my favorite brands which makes lots of earth friendly, fierce beauty products, Tarte Cosmetics!

I have had the opportunity to experience many amazing preservative free, botanically based, and natural beauty products with great results. However, finding a preservative free, aluminum free deodorant has been a challenge for me. Up until recently most of the deodorants on the market that are formulated with natural ingredients contained an ingredient to which I am highly allergic, Tea Tree Oil.   Tea Tree Oil, also referred to as Melaleuca Oil or Melaleuca Extract, has many benefits and is great for treating breakouts, blackheads, and controlling excess oil. It can be used on the skin, hair, and scalp, so don’t worry about trying a product with Tea Tree Oil just because me or someone else is allergic to it. Tea Tree Oil also has antibacterial benefits, and purifies gently but effectively.  It just so happens that this particular natural ingredient just doesn’t agree with yours truly.

There are many of my Sage Beauties that prefer their products to be preservative free or use mostly, if not totally, naturally derived ingredients. If you shop at a pharmacy or Target or Walmart most of the deodorants and antiperspirants contain Aluminum as the active ingredient. I don’t believe any one particular ingredient is “bad”. I’m not writing this because I think Aluminum is bad. The Tarte Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant is a viable option for my readers who want an Aluminum free option for deodorant. This review is simply presenting a deodorant from a brand that I love using and it happens to smell lovely. Maybe you have very sensitive skin? Maybe you are looking for products that are paraben free? Maybe you need to use products that are gluten free? This product falls into all the categories I just mentioned.


The Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant has the perfect vanilla scent, aloe to help soothe sensitive, skin under the arms, and cornstarch to absorb wetness. I decided to test drive this product for a week before writing a review so I could have an accurate measure of how well it really controls odor and wetness. It is a solid roll on deodorant that goes on creamy and then dries quickly. I loved that fact that my underarms felt softer day by day, and I love the fact that the fresh vanilla scent lasted most of the day. I did have to reapply halfway through my day because I noticed a little bit of wetness, but after a few days I didn’t have to reapply as often so perhaps my body adjusted to this new formulation. If you don’t have concerns with excessive sweating, meaning that you aren’t currently using a clinical strength deodorant, then I think you should be a Clean Queen!! Some more fun facts: this product is hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, soy-free, and dermatologist tested.

If you decide to try this product be sure to leave a comment below about how well it worked for you. And be sure to keep up with me on Instagram and Snapchat for new looks, new products that I will be trying out, and all my adventures.

With Love and Joy

Lily Sage

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