Chasing Fashion: My Fashion Manifesto

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.”

—- Karl Lagerfeld

Hello My Lovely Sage Beauties,

I wanted to share a post with you about my love of fashion and what inspires my style because it is something that influences me as a makeup artist, and because I love sharing my perspective on fashion and personal style with my readers.


My love affair with fashion started at the age of seven.  It was a combination of theory, imagination, color, and practice.  As a young girl I would innocently borrow my mother’s Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar out of her purse and spend hours gazing dreamily at each precious designer creation.  It was a magical world of beautiful clothes that inspired me to create the stories behind each dress. Where was she going? Maybe she’s a princess? Maybe she’s traveling to another country far far away? Maybe she is getting married tomorrow!


I also gained a love of color, texture, and design because my grandmother taught me the basics of sewing.  I remember picking fabrics in my favorite colors, getting excited at the myriad of patterns, the limitless possibilities, and how it could be constructed. Looking back, having the experience of learning how to coordinate color and form was the foundation of me eventually becoming a makeup artist as an adult. Getting dressed up, getting ready period, whether it was for a birthday party, Halloween, or Thanksgiving dinner, was always half the fun for me. I feel most comfortable in heels and a gorgeous gown.



My dresses are my memories and tell the special stories of my life. When I look at my closet I don’t see clothes, but instead I see my best friend’s wedding, my Godson’s baptism, my thirtieth birthday, and my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah. When I open my closet I remember what I wore, who I was with to share that memory, and if champagne was served at some point in the evening.

In my day to day wardrobe I incorporate various elements from all of my favorite fashion icons and make it fit for me and my body type. To describe my style I would have to try to fit several small pieces of my favorite movies, favorite eras in history, favorite musicians, and favorite celebrities into one sparkling canvas. Here’s a shorter version: I love Kim Kardashian West’s style as a pop culture fashion icon just as much as I love my earliest fashion influence which was Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s.  Holly Golightly embodied femininity, glamour, and elegance.  Kim breaks boundaries in fashion and creates major trends.  And in between I also love Kerry Washington’s sophisticated and modern style on Scandal. One my favorite go to looks is matte red lips and a sharp black cat-eye thanks to my obsession with 1940s pin-up girls.  I will always revisit goth girl chic (1990s-2001). If you came of age in the 90s you will understand why it was awesome! The look I did for this post can be described as Haute Couture meets Maleficient.

Women are often told what they CAN’T wear more often than what they can. I love sharing my passion for style and self expression through fashion and makeup because I want every girl and woman to know that if a particular style, color, outfit, or look appeals to them and makes them feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin then JUST WEAR IT! This is the first step to owning your personal style and brings you to a place where you can embrace your individuality through fashion. My goal as a fashion blogger to express and celebrate the interconnectivity of fashion and beauty, to tell stories through fashion, and to inspire women to have zero boundaries when it comes to expressing their style and telling their own stories through fashion.

I started writing Sage Beauty to share my love and knowledge of beauty and as I have evolved as a person and learned from so many life experiences over the past three and a half years so has my blog grown and evolved to encompass more of the things I am passionate and knowledgeable about that I am dying to share with my wonderful readers. My makeup artistry is greatly influenced by my sense of style and because of this bridge I felt that it was time to start sharing my great style inspirations. When I did my first fashion shoot for Sage Beauty, which you can check out here, it brought me back to my first creative outlet and how much I loved fashion just as much as beauty. And that’s when I knew that this was something I wanted to continue to write about and have this new realm with which to connect with my readers.

My dress is a Betsey Johnson gem that I purchased over five years ago, and it is the crowning jewel of my collection. I am a collector of Betsey Johnson dresses and accessories. She is one of the first designers whose aesthetic I really connected with and have continued to incorporate into my wardrobe.  I love the way this dress exudes glamour and sophistication at the same time. It tells the story of a mysterious, pensive princess.  For the makeup I created a bold and dark look to show that you can combine a strong eye look and strong lip color if they are in similar or complimentary colors. A dark navy blue lip color is the perfect way to give a sophisticated high fashion edge to a traditional black smokey eye. I have recently fallen in love with Black Moon Cosmetics and their Blackened Metallic Liquid to Matte Lipsticks are phenomenal. I’m wearing the color Sorrow.

For now I will leave you with three pieces of advice:

  1. Be creative and bold! What is the persona you want to create through your style?
  2. Buy the dress and the occasion will present itself.
  3. Dress for your yourself and tell your authentic story, it’s the most important one you will ever share.

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (and I know you do!) then leave a comment or send me a snap to let me know what inspires your style! I would love to hear from you.

With love and joy,

Lily Sage

Photographer: Katie Grammes

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