Shaving Like A Guy: 4 Tips for a Smoother Softer You!

Hello My Lovelies,

Not too long ago here in Gotham City, I was sitting around talking beauty with a few of my close girlfriends, and gradually the conversation moved towards hair removal. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about as a blogger because for almost every woman it is a major beauty concern. You can read my post on my adventures in waxing here. When I walk into a store to purchase shaving products, I find that the razors for women are not that great, and that shaving gels and shaving creams for women are not as luxurious as the ones made for men. Granted the ones made for men are made for the face, but still!! Men’s razors are designed for the face and neck so of course they have to be gentle but effective tools that are comfortable to use. Some of my favorite products in my bathroom are actually from men’s brands. I started shaving with only men’s products four years ago and immediately saw a difference and haven’t looked back since.

When it comes to shaving, I have learned a lot from my experience working in men’s skincare and of course….from men! Here are some lessons from the other team that can help you achieve the softer, smoother shave you have always wanted, you smooth criminal.

Lesson 1: Change your razor often!

As a woman I am definitely guilty of using my razors waaaaaay past their prime. If you use the same razor for too long, over time it becomes dull, collects bacteria, you don’t achieve as close a shave, and you will be more likely to knick yourself. I suggest changing your razor based on how often your shave. For example, if you shave once a week then you could change your razor every four to six weeks. I love using the Gilette Fusion. The refill pack has four razors. These usually last me three months, so I only have to buy them four times a year. Makes sense right?

Lesson 2: Pick your shaving product according to your skin type!

Cream vs. Gel! A high quality shaving cream will help with lubrication, hydration, and minimize irritation. If you have dry to very dry skin like me or you become easily irritated from shaving I recommend using a creamy and moisturizing shaving cream. I only recommend using gels for the bikini line so you can see more clearly where you are shaving, if your skin is not particularly dry, or if you prefer the feeling of a lightweight product.

Lesson 3:Try using a Pre-Shave Oil, you will thank me later!

Using a pre-shave oil as your first step in your shaving routine can helps to soften hair and helps the razor glide more easily. I apply a small amount of Argan Oil or Coconut Oil to my legs, then a thin layer of shaving cream. Because I have eczema and it is particularly troublesome on my legs this added step in my shaving process adds hydration, saves me from unnecessary knicks, and leaves my skin soft, soothed, and hydrated. I also love using coconut oil because…well it’s coconut oil!

Lesson 4: Shave at the sink, not in the shower!

Have you ever seen a boyfriend or a husband shave in the shower? Probs Not! Shaving at a sink before getting in the shower allows you to really see how and where you are shaving. So I suggest shaving before you get in the tub. This way you can take your time. How many times have you been rushing to get ready in the morning and you run into the bathroom to take a quick shower and shave, but end up knicking yourself? Yes, it has happened to me as well my friend. I shave before the shower then I can exfoliate after shaving which helps prevents unwanted bumps and ingrown hairs.

And now for the products!

These are my current favorites for shaving and if you try any of them out, be sure to leave me a comment on Instagram about how they worked for you!


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  1. Jack Black Supreme Cream is one of my top recommendations. It has a rich creamy texture infused with Macadamia Nut Oil, Glycerin, and Soybean Oil. It also has my gold standard, Coconut Oil. The product also contains Calendula which is anti-inflammatory. The formula is rich and luxurious so a little bit of product goes a long way.
  2. Gillette Fusion Mens Razor is my favorite brand for razors. I have tried a few mens’ razors, but this is the one I always come back to and keep replenishing.
  3. Coconut Oil is my favorite pre shave oil. Coconut Oil solves most of life’s problems (bad credit, no job, your roommate never cleans, your dog ran away? The answer 83% of the time is coconut oil)

With Love and Joy,

Stay Smooth!

Lily Sage

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