KBeauty 101: A Visit to SokoGlam!!

Hi Lovelies,

I first became interested in the realm of Korean Beauty during the Summer of 2015  when I discovered the joyful practice of biweekly sheet masks. You can read the first post I wrote on sheet masks here.  I recently had the pleasure of visiting the SokoGlam offices here in New York City.  Sokoglam.com  was created by the lovely Charlotte J. Cho and her husband Dave in 2012. It’s one of the hottest spots online to discover Korean beauty products and great best practices for taking care of your skin.

I am big supporter of the 10-step Korean Skincare Routine (stay tuned for a future post on that topic here on Sage Beauty!).  The most important takeaway I can share with my readers when it comes to Korean beauty is that it is based on a ‘skincare-first’ lifestyle which means having a consistent routine to achieve healthy and luminous skin every day. I had so fun much stopping by Sokoglam and meeting their team. I also got to meet Charlotte’s dog, Rambo, who is the cutest, softest, and sweetest poodle ever.

I was lucky enough to meet Charlotte herself at her book signing event at the Birchbox store in Soho.  Charlotte is also an esthetician and I highly recommend her new book, The Little Book of Skincare, as your next reading choice. Even though I have worked in beauty for several years I always want to keep learning as much as can.  Her book details her move to Seoul, her skincare journey,  excellent information on the health of your skin, ingredients, and much more.


I was introduced to three new products from SokoGlam,  and I have been using them for five solid weeks so I could I see how my skin liked them and what type of results I would see. My skin has been immensely happy.


Beauty Water by Son & Park

I cannot believe I was living life without this product for so long.  I had been looking for a toner or essence to compliment my daily routine, and I finally found one I love.  The Beauty Water is used after cleansing and gently exfoliates with willow bark and papaya extract, helping to improve texture and reveal smoothing and softer skin. It also helps to prep your skin for additional treatments and moisturizer.  It can also be used during the day for a quick refresher.  It also contains Rose Water and Orange Fruit extract so it smells fresh and gives a touch of hydration.   I squeeze a few drops on a cotton pad and gently swipe on my face and neck, then apply my serum and moisturizer.


Photo Credit: sokoglam.com


Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum 


Vitamin C is one of my favorite skincare warriors because it provides multiple benefits, and come in various forms.   Klairs uses 5% L-Ascorbic Acid to provide antioxidant protection against free radicals, help to fade unwanted brown spots, brighten your overall skintone, firm the skin, and reduce fine lines.

The first noticeable result I loved about this product was that my complexion became more even and luminous after the first two weeks. I also noticed that my texture has improved and my pores are much less visible.  It absorbs into the skin quickly and it safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin. I use it every morning after my cleansing and toning.  If you are looking for an anti-aging and brightening product this is a must have!

RE:P Nutrinature Ultra Moisture Oil Gel 


One of the best parts of being a beauty blogger and product expert is discovering new brands.  RE:P (Real-Elemental-Practice) is a socially conscious, highly effective, dermatologist tested, cruelty free skincare brand.  The word ‘elemental’ can be defined as: related to or embodying the powers of nature.  RE:P uses a combination of natural and organically grown ingredients to create this innovative product.  It is suitable for all my vegan lovelies as well.  

In the winter I usually use a moisturizer that has a rich creamy texture, but the Ultra Moisture Oil Gel provided excellent moisture in a gel formula using Jojoba Seed Butter, Argan, Shea Butter, and Cupuacu Seed.   Another bonus is that the formula also contains Niacinamide which is a skin brightener.  The unique formulation is able to provide the benefits of an oil with the lightweight feel of a serum.  The box is printed with soy based ink on recycled paper. The packaging is metal-free and designed to make sure you get every drop of product.   I used it twice a day as my main moisturizer and applied a separate sunscreen on top for the day. I have eczema and with the roller-coaster weather we have been having in New York lately it has kept my skin balanced and calm which prevented my usual winter flare ups.

K-beauty is something I very excited about exploring more here on the blog, so you will be seeing many more innovative product and ingredient reviews to come.
















  One thought on “KBeauty 101: A Visit to SokoGlam!!

  1. onceuponadollhouse
    March 1, 2016 at 2:28 PM

    These look like amazing products. I don’t know much about Korean Beauty, this is very informative! Thanks for sharing! XO.

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