Masking Mondays: WHEN Face Masks!

Hi Dolls,

I absolutely love using sheets masks.  It’s a great way to give your skin an instant boost of hydration and treatment in one easy step. They are easy and fun to use, mess-free, easy to travel with, and packed with skin-friendly ingredients.  Sheet Masks originated in Korea, and are now a world-wide beauty phenomenon.  Recently I had the pleasure of spending a lovely morning discovering WHEN Masks at a Beauty Blogger breakfast here in New York! It was such a special treat to meet other amazing bloggers and discover new and exciting skincare.




WHEN uses Bio-Cellulose Technology,  which allows these masks to hold 100 times its weight in liquid. The material of the mask is made from coconuts,  and this advanced technology is extremely  effective in delivering ingredients to your skin, and it also allows the masks to adhere to the skin very comfortably and very securely.  WHEN masks are used as needed….when your skin needs extra pampering and replenishment.  WHEN has five different types of masks,  and each mask is to be worn for 30 minutes.


Here are your options:

  • The ‘Last Choice‘ mask addresses hydration, when you really need to quench your skin
  • The ‘Snow Magic‘ mask is for brightening (my personal fav!)
  • The ‘Glamour Base‘ mask is a great choice before makeup because it fills in lines and pores, and hydrates.
  • The ’10 PM‘ mask is the perfect bedtime story because it has Lavender, fills in fine lines, and helps you wake up looking fresh and hydrated.
  • The ‘Travel Mate‘ mask has Chamomile, reduces puffiness from traveling, alcohol, etc.

I love using the Snow Magic Mask in the morning before makeup to give my skin extra glow and hydration, especially during these cold winter months.  The first time I used the 10 PM mask I immediately noticed that my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. Absolute heaven.

These mask are available at Sephora, individually for only SEVEN DOLLARS EACH!   They will also be available at ULTA stores in February 2016.  The mask pack with all five options is currently available on

Please leave a comment below if you try any of these masks. I would love to hear they work for you! I think you will love them.





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