Four Reasons Your Mascara is Not Working and How to Fix It

Hello Lovelies,

I never leave the house without mascara. It is a makeup essential that gives instant glamour and brings your eyes forward, front and center.  Maybe you already have a mascara that you use daily but it doesn’t quite get the job done. Here are some common mascara mistakes and how to correct them so that you can have the lashes of your dreams.

Photo Credit: via Pinterest.

                  Photo Credit: via Pinterest.

1.You are pumping your mascara.

We are all guilty of the crime of pumping. Pumping the wand pumps air into the tube which can dry out the product and foster the growth of bacteria. That’s not acceptable.  Trust me, there is plenty of product on that brush. If you feel that you need more simply roll the brush in slow circular motions then apply to your lashes.

2. You are using the same tube for too long.

Mascara is used daily and should be replenished every three months. This is an important best practice to prevent infection and irritation, in addition to the benefit of working with clean fresh product every time you apply.  My eyes are very sensitive so I actually replenish my mascara every two months.

3. You are not using a lash primer.

Imagine being able to condition, strengthen, and thicken your lashes all in one step even before you apply your makeup!  Lashes primers help your mascara longer and stronger wear,  nourish your lashes, and increase volume.

4. You are waiting to reapply between coats.

Flaking is often a concern that my clients and friends ask me how to address when a mascara conversation gets started.   A great way to minimize flaking is to apply your mascara from as close to the base of your lashline as possible and apply your second coat right away. If you let the first coat dry then try to apply mascara on top of dry lashes the product will not adhere properly and you will see flakes.

I hope these tips help maximize your favorite mascara to the fullest.



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