Skincare Trends To Watch: Sheet Masks 101!

Hello Lovelies,

I absolutely love using masks as part of my routine. It’s a spa experience at home and it helps your other products work more effectively.  Masks can hydrate, purify, brighten, firm, and calm the skin.  My newest beauty obsession is sheet masks.  This beauty trend started in Asia and has become a major beauty trend in the states.

Sheet masks are masks made with a soft cotton material that are in the shape of a face and saturated with treatment ingredients in a serum-like form. They have holes cut out for the eyes, nose, and mouth.  I tried out two sheet masks I purchased at Sephora, and each one was less than ten dollars!!

Here are some other awesome benefits of sheet masks:

  • They address multiple skincare concerns (dryness, brightening, firming)
  • They are easy to travel with (plane friendly!)
  • Affordable and fun to use
  • Jam packed with nourishing reparative ingredients.

You start with a freshly washed and exfoliated face. You take out the mask and press onto the face. I find it works best when you lay down with the mask so it doesn’t slip off because it’s so moist with product.  I like to apply my sheet mask, lay down, and watch Orange is the New Black.   After twenty to thirty minutes I peel off the mask and gently massage in any remaining product. I also like to smooth any extra product onto my neck.  DO NOT wash your face. Otherwise you will just be washing off all the treatment.

I found two options at Sephora that I think you try out, and will give your skin a weekly pick-me-up.

1. Boscia Vitamin C Brightening Hydrogel Mask


  • This mask is all about  brightening, firming and hydrating.
  • After the first use I did notice my skin looked brighter and my moisturizer absorbed better.
  • If you battling dullness, anti-aging, and dark spots this is a good option and feels amazing.

2. Tony Moly Tomato Face Mask [Radiance]


  • This mask made my skin feel incredibly soft and I immediately noticed the boost of hydration.
  • My foundation looked more glowy than usual and my pores appeared less noticeable.
  • I recommend this mask if you want to get a radiant, fresh, hydrated look.
  • Lots of time in the sun this time of year is hard on your skin so keep this mask in your bathroom!

There are so many options for sheet masks I can’t wait to test drive a few more. If you have a favorite sheet mask please let me know and tag me on Instagram with a picture of yourself wearing your favorite sheet mask!



  One thought on “Skincare Trends To Watch: Sheet Masks 101!

  1. July 13, 2015 at 5:39 PM

    I love masks , it great to give your skin a boost. I have not tried tony moly but I will.

  2. Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty
    July 14, 2015 at 7:46 PM

    I will remember to try the Bocca mask on my next visit to sephora…enjoyed this review!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

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