Say Hello To My First Rocksbox!!

Hello Lovelies,

I’m so excited to share my first Rocksbox review.  Rocksbox is a monthly subscription service that lets you find the perfect pieces of jewelry to compliment your style.  I have a hard time finding pieces that match my look. My style influences are Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Kerry Washington. I like a feminine retro look with a few modern touches, but I also love big statement necklaces that I can wear with a cute dress.  Rocksbox has something to fit every style.

Here’s how the magic happens:

  1. When you sign-up for the service you fill out a style survey so they know exactly what you are looking for and what your style is.
  2. You get a lovely box in the mail with three pieces of jewelry that are on loan for you to try and see if you like.
  3. You can return the pieces anytime and as often as you like.
  4. Every month you earn $10 towards a purchase.
  5. You pay only for the pieces you keep and you can send back the ones you don’t want.

The box comes with a return label so all you have to do is place it on the bag you originally received and mail it. Check out the to-die-for-goodies in my box.

1.  Perry Street Chelsea Earrings

I love the classic shape and look of these earrings.


2. Slate Spectrum Necklace

This statement piece is so glam and so fun.  I would wear this for a night out or during the day with a cute dress in a solid color.


3. CC Skye Jagged Edge Necklace in Gold


This is my favorite piece in my box this month. It so perfect for me!  I love anything gold, and I love the modern shape. This is a piece you could wear anytime with any outfit.

I’m really happy to share a special offer with my readers that I know you will love.  Use the code “sagebeautyxoxo” for a free month of Rocksbox!   I hope you use the code and discover some pieces that you will fall in love with.



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