Welcome to The Memoir Project 2020

Hello Lovelies,

I am beyond excited to share with you a project that I started developing in the Fall of 2019. I was in the process of developing new content when I had a burst of inspiration wrapped within a realization. I was writing, and I realized that a great deal of content that I was passionate about and wanted to share was not necessarily about beauty and lifestyle directly but more about the intersection of beauty, womanhood, culture, and race. The more I read and researched. the more I wanted to share one of my greatest sources of inspirations – memoirs. The precious stories of women from various backgrounds, professional successes, and cultures have always inspired me to share my story, thereby connecting with other women like me and magnifying a collective voice.

Each month, starting in June 2020, I will be sharing my thoughts and a review on a memoir written by a woman, while analyzing race, sex, gender, mental illness, beauty, fashion, the immigrant/first generation experience, and pop culture through an intersectional lens. The first post in this project will be an analysis of the unforgettable memoir Bipolar Faith by Monica Coleman. Dr. Coleman’s story of faith, sexual assault, and intergenerational trauma is a story that has touched me in so many ways. That review will be available here on Sage Beauty for the month of May so stay tuned! Starting in June 2020, the monthly reviews and additional exclusive content will only be available on my Patreon! There are different levels of membership with different perks! If would love my content find me on Patreon! I great appreciate your support and love more than I can say.

I’m looking forward to this literary journey and inviting my sweet Sage Beauties to join me.

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