Her Name was LOLA, and She Was Organic

The Monthly Subscription Box Every Woman Needs To Try.

Hello My Lovelies,

I have recently discovered a monthly subscription box that every woman can benefit from, it uses a single clean and naturally derived ingredient, and it definitely won’t be another product you spend your money on and “forget” to use. Obviously I have written about some very female-centric topics on this blog, so now after six years I am writing about one of the most important products a woman will use in her lifetime, tampons.

Feminine Hygiene products are a product women purchase and use from a very young age. It is often the case that when you start using feminine hygiene products it is around the same age you start using makeup and and skincare products. Any product related to menstruation is usually the punchline of some ridiculously corny, demeaning, or sexist joke. Even in 2018 women still speak to each other about periods in hushed tones laced with shame. LOLA is a brand that celebrates the natural female process and also speaks to overall sexual wellness without the shame or the corny jokes.

WHO IS LOLA and Why do you need her in your life?

I discovered LOLA the way I discover many products I truly love, through a little bit of research and a touch of serendipity. It was created by two visionary native New Yorkers, Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman, who met in 2014. The company is a monthly subscription service that delivers 100% organic cotton tampons in BPA-free plastic applicators right to your door. Congratulations, you now officially know all the ingredients in your feminine hygiene products. I have used tampons from other brands and they have worked for me, however if you take the time to read the “ingredients” in those products most of them sound totally unfamiliar except for the word “fragrance”.

Let me take a moment to plainly say this post is NOT saying that the tampons you have used from the pharmacy or supermarket or are currently using are bad, not at all. I still sometimes use them during my period if i need too. But considering this is such an intimate product wouldn’t you want something simple, pure, highly effective, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly if you have the opportunity to try it?

When you visit LOLA you have the option to customize your monthly box based on your needs and they are delivered every four weeks. One box is only ten bucks a month! LOLA also offers pads, panty liners, and even a “First Period” kit for girls. I also love that the brand offers products for overall sexual female wellness such as condoms, personal lubricant, even multivitamins under “Cramp Care”. All kinds of Hallelujah!

At first I was hesitant to try LOLA because I have had difficult periods my whole life and was not sure an organic cotton tampon would do the trick. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked well for me so if you have heavy periods there are Super and Super Plus options that provide excellent protection.

I love coming home and seeing my LOLA box every month, and I am happy to support a woman-owned company providing healthy and innovative options for feminine hygiene products. When a young girl starts menstruating she is immediately shackled to and the intense shame attached to this totally natural biological process before she has a moment to truly embrace and understand her body. Companies such as LOLA create conversation that can dismantle the shame we have around menstruation. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Please leave a comment below if you have tried this brand and let me know what you think!!


Lily Sage

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