Skincare 101: What’s a Serum?

Hello Lovelies!

No matter what your skin concern is, whether it’s acne, aging, discoloration, or hydration, there is a serum that will address it.  Keep in mind that a good moisturizer is like having three healthy meals a days, and serums are like multivitamins; they are the extra boost needed to make your skin healthier, strong, and more flawless.   SO, let’s talk about what a serum is and why it should be a part of your routine.   They are an important investment and it has been my experience that the right serum will change your life.

A serum can be described as a concentrated topical product, usually in liquid form, that addresses a specific skin care concern using advanced ingredients and technology. They are usually applied after cleansing and toning, but before moisturizer.  Serums are used daily, and they have magical powers. Serums can hydrate, firm, minimize the appearance of pores, fade dark spots, moisturize, reduce visible redness, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.   Whenever a friend or client asks me about serums I always tell them that serums are the “IT” team for your skin, the troubleshooters.

I recently started using a new serum by a brand called Klairs, so stay tuned for review of that product in the near future.  I have a few recommendations based on skincare concern that are some of my favorites and are highly effective.



Photo Credit: Pinterest

Josie Maran’s brand is one my favorites. I have used a few products from her line and have always had great results. I love using her original Argan Oil on my hair, skin, and nails.  The Intensive Hydrating Treatment is a weightless serum that combines the nourishing benefits of Argan Oil with Purified Water to infuse your skin with deep hydration.  In the summer I use it alone, but in the fall and winter when my skin is extremely dry I use it daily under my moisturizer. It is safe for dry, sensitive skin (including eczema), helps your skin hold on to its moisture, and it’s 100% emulsifier and synthetic free.  It feels like fresh rain drops on my skin, and it also helps my moisturizer feel better as well, while giving a radiant glow to my skin.



cold plasma

What I love most about this product is that is addresses multiple concerns.  Cold Plasma is formulated to address the ten most visible signs of aging: firmness, elasticity, clarity, radiance, smoothness, texture, redness, blotchiness, wrinkles, and dryness.  What I noticed about my skin the most while using Cold Plasma was improved texture, smoothness, and less dryness.  If you are looking for anti-aging product that will correct and maintain this is it! It is very concentrated so you only need a small amount of product, and it’s safe for all skin types. Dr. Perricone is a brilliant dermatologist who uses advanced ingredients such DMAE (firming) and Tocotrienols (super-charged Vitamin E) to impart hydration and antioxidant protection.


Dr. Murad is one of my skincare heroes. I have read his books, taken his supplements, and used his topical products with great success.  I started using the Exfoliating Acne Treatment gel due to some stubborn blackheads and monthly breakouts.  It is a treatment gel helps to prevent and treat breakouts.  With this formulation breakouts have no choice but to retreat in fear. Hydrogen Peroxide is antibacterial, and the added combination of Salicylic Acid, Retinol, and Glycolic Acid effectively exfoliates and unclogs pores.

FUN FACT:  A few years ago I had a male co-worker who used this product on his face and neck for ingrown hairs from shaving and he said it worked wonders.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you have other questions on serums, please leave them below.  In 2016 skincare will be a big focus on Sage Beauty so I will be sharing more skincare tips and more concern specific product recommendations.  If you are currently using a serum you love please let me know about it.  I always love to hear from my lovelies because I have the most wonderful and supportive readers a girl could ask for 🙂




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