How to Stay Fit when you Sit All Day.

Hello Lovelies,

As a web developer and a beauty blogger I spend most of my day in front of my computer……..sitting.

I love writing code and I love writing Sage Beauty, but if you are like me and you have a job where you just aren’t moving very much during the day, it can be a challenge to stay in shape.  So I decided to share some tips that have worked for me.

During the long apocalyptic winter of New York City it’s almost impossible to not gain a few pound, but when you are over the age of thirty and you sit all day it creeps up on you faster.  Now that the weather is warmer and I have time to focus on my health I decided to put together a list of lifestyle tips that have helped me get back on track. I don’t believe in diets.  I believe in healthy living and enjoying everything you want but in moderation.  If I want to eat a cupcake I will but I also try to balance it out with healthy foods.

Let me take a moment to say: I’m not a nutritionist or a dietician. I’m simply speaking to my own personal experiences in this post.

1. I eat breakfast everyday.

Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning sets you up for successful food choices throughout the day. A latte is not breakfast.  If you start your day with a healthy meal then you will have more energy and be less likely to reach for candy, chips, or other snacks that are just empty calories over the course of the day.  My favorite breakfast foods are:

  1. Oatmeal with blueberries and Flaxseed.
  2. Faye Yogurt with strawberries.
  3. Eggs with green peppers.

2. I drink a lot of water.

As I write this, I have three bottles of water on my desk.  A hydrated body is a happy body. From a beauty stand point water is essential for your skin. Your body is composed mainly of water.  All that has to be replenished so your system can function at an optimal level.   If you are used to having flavored drinks then try adding lemon to your water.  My favorite way to enjoy water is to fill up a huge pitcher and adding cucumbers and lemons. So refreshing.

3. I had to find a workout I actually liked so I will stick with it.

Of course I couldn’t write a post about staying fit without talking about exercise.  The only way to see all the benefits of working out is to do it consistently.  If you don’t like going to a gym (not everybody likes gyms)  you can start by keeping your workout simple by just putting on a cute pair of sneakers and hitting your nearest park.  Power walking or jogging a few times a week is a great way to get outside and get moving. I would also suggest taking a break in the middle of the day for a quick walk as a way to sneak in some exercise.

My favorite workouts are long walks, Cross Fit, and Pure Barre. I live in New York so of course I walk everywhere.  I love Pure Barre because you get an intense workout that really tones. I recently started doing Cross Fit but that will be explained in a separate post.  I suggest trying out a few different types of workouts and classes to see what you really love doing and what makes you sweat. If it’s fun for you then it won’t feel like working out is a chore.

4. I try to stick to ‘healthy snacks’  by your computer.

Since Cheetos don’t prevent wrinkles I needed to have more nutritious snacks by my desk. My favorite snacks, while hacking away, are:

  1. String Cheese
  2. Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks (crunchy like a chip but only 30 calories a serving)
  3. Grapes (packed with antioxidants and super refreshing)

I hope these tips helped. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies to any of the foods I suggested please check with your doctor on what alternatives are possible. I  will continue update you as I continue to stay fit in spite of the sit.



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