The Haircare Diaries: Alterna Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo

It’s eight o’clock in the morning and you have to be at work by nine-thirty. You have a thirty minute commute. You hit the snooze button twice but “Call Me Maybe” continues to scream from your phone. You have one hour to get ready for a nine hour day. Once again you are afforded only a ten minute shower to help wake you up and ten minutes to apply moisturizer and makeup.  A quick application of foundation and a dab of concealor will hide evidence of last night’s happy hour. Eyeliner and mascara can be completed on the train while you steady your Hazelnut Latte between your knees. But what are you going to do about your hair?



When you don’t have time to wash and blow-dry your hair a dry shampoo is a lifesaver.  You can’t wear a ponytail everyday.  Dry shampoos are great for most hair types, and are used to  absorb excess oil and product build-up. They refresh hair between shampoos, and extend the life of your style while providing volume.  I have used other products from Alterna and have had good results so I decided to try their dry shampoo. Dry Shampoo reduces the number of times per week you have to wash your hair. This saves time and the money spent on hair color. Dry Shampoos are  a great addition to your haircare routine if your hair is normal to dry because dry hair should not be washed daily either because that strips the hair of moisture. If you have oily hair or fine hair dry shampoo will absorb oil and provide volume.

I love using a dry shampoo because it keeps my hair fresh between washes and it helps to bring back the lost volume and texture to my hair.  I start by flipping my hair over and spraying while my hair is upside down. Then I start spraying at the roots where need to give volume and refresh my scalp.  I brush the product through my hair and my Saturday night curls survive to become soft Sunday afternoon waves.  I immediately feel like my hair is lighter and smoother, and it smells incredible. I use the Mango Coconut scent and it makes me feel like I’m on a beach with a drink.  The smell is summer time and vacation rolled into one. The product comes out in a light clear mist so it works on all hair colors.

Before you go you should know:

Alterna Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo, $22 

Available at Sephora stores,

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