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Hello Gorgeous! 

I strive to use my digital real estate to create a space to express the beauty and power of diversity within a society that either ignores women of color or over filters us to the point of polite and oppressive silence.

My patreon page allows me to create exclusive content and conversation around beauty and culture while sharing my extensive knowledge as a beauty expert and makeup artist.

I am hopeful that my Patreon page will help me to develop a stronger relationship with my readers, and to produce impactful content.

It is a digital community that blossoms through communication and conversation. As a member of this community you will help to support the cost of creating editorial shoots, product reviews, and research for my monthly book discussion, The Memoir Project. It will also allow me to keep providing my followers with free content online.

I am also excited to offer personalized services at specific tiers to my patrons. 

With the love and support of my Sage Beauties, I will be able to inspire, teach, and entertain you! If you are curious to learn more about sheet masks, hair vitamins, vintage shopping, my latest feminist book reviews or discuss on the intersection of race, beauty, and gender,  please come right in. You are already welcome!

Whatever you can pledge is greatly appreciated. I am immensely thankful for your time and support. 

With Love and Light,


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